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Despite the Washington State budget more than doubling in 10 years and a $15 billion surplus in 2022, Olympia politicians provided no tax relief to families. They also passed legislation that makes heating our homes, driving our cars, and buying homes more expensive. The actions taken in Olympia have direct, negative consequences on our community.

As your representative, I will:

  • Prioritize your budget over the state budget by not raising taxes. It’s time Olympia politicians learn how to prioritize their spending, just like we must at home.
  • Support legislation to make home ownership more affordable. As a first-generation immigrant, I understand the dream of home ownership. I will fight to ensure the government doesn’t make it more difficult.
  • Push to provide tax relief. The state budget has grown at an unsustainable rate while real personal income growth has stalled. I will fight for you to keep more of your own money.

Parents are looking for alternatives as schools are lowing standards, getting more crowded, and reducing transparency about the curriculum taught. At the same time, districts around the state are asking for more and higher taxes to fund basic education.

The cost of college tuition is increasing, burdening young adults with many years of college loan debt that hurts their chances of reaching the same success their parents or grandparents achieved.

As your representative, I will:

  • Fight to fully fund our schoolsThe lawsuit the state lost means the state should be picking up the tab for basic education, so we’re all paying an equal and fair share. Instead, property owners in some districts are asked to cover the deficit from the lack of state funding. This must change.
  • Improve transparency and accountability. Quality education is a major determining factor of income potential. We must ensure parents know what our schools are teaching so school districts can be held accountable.
  • Push to make college more affordable. As our children leave high school to explore their possibilities, attending community or state college should not be out of reach. I will push to decrease tuition costs so higher education is accessible and affordable.
  • Advocate for trade education. We are in desperate need of more people entering all trades. As a flooring contractor, I understand how challenging it is to find employees. We need more young people entering all trades, which provide family-wage jobs.

No one is held accountable for poor performance. We must do better. We cannot continue to allow people to live in tents on the street. That is not compassion. We need to provide support for those with mental health and drug addiction to get the treatment they need, then help them achieve sustainable housing. What we’re seeing now is not compassionate. We need to show people experiencing homelessness, drug addiction, and mental health struggles real compassion by getting them the help they desperately need.

As your representative, I will:

  • Push for benchmarks and accountability for all money spent solving this problem. For too long, politicians have been throwing money at the problem without any progress. Requiring people to be accountable for the money they’re spending is necessary to get results.
  • Expand mental health resources. We must make sure we have the funding, staff, and resources in place to help the individuals suffering from mental health disorders. We should partner with nonprofits with a proven track record of results and not “re-create the wheel.”
  • Make drug treatment options available. People are in pain, and we must help them see that there is a better path for them. We must work with organizations that have a history of success in assisting people in deciding they’re ready to make a change, then work with them through the process, so they have the support to help them get off drugs.

As cars become more fuel-efficient, the government is looking to replace the gas tax with a mileage tax—with no guarantee the new money collected would even go toward transportation projects.

Sound Transit — which is not accountable to the people — misled voters with a massive tax proposal for a project that is now delayed and over budget. 

The politicians in Olympia are simply not providing enough oversight for how the government uses tax dollars on transportation and transit projects. Parents are losing valuable time with their children due to congestion. Businesses are losing out on additional projects and paying employees to sit in traffic. 

As your representative, I will:

  • Prioritize congestion relief. I want to ensure you can spend more time with your families and businesses aren’t losing untold sums sitting in traffic.
  • Push to ensure Sound Transit is held accountable. Voters should directly elect the Sound Transit board to ensure they are responsive to the public, fiscally responsible, and deliver the projects they promise.
  • Ensure taxes collected are spent on safety improvements and congestion relief. Any taxes collected for transportation projects should be spent improving safety or reducing congestion. We give WSDOT too much money not to see results.

I want to be sure all members of our community feel safe with our police without stopping the apprehension of criminals. The new laws embolden criminals to break the law, knowing no one is likely to stop them. A small number of criminals are committing most crimes, particularly property crimes. Our prosecutors must take these criminals seriously and work harder to ensure they are imprisoned rather than continually letting them go.

As your representative, I will:

  • Fight to fix the unintended consequences caused by the police reform bills. Our law enforcement must be allowed to deter, stop crime in progress, and apprehend criminals.
  • Work to increase accountability. We must stop bad officers from continually transferring departments and making all police look bad. Effective policing requires maintaining public trust. That can’t happen if we allow poor performers to tarnish the reputation of good officers.
  • Empower police to keep us safe. We must ensure our officers have the resources they need to do their job.