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Educating our children is the state’s “Paramount Duty.” Even after a group of parents won a lawsuit claiming our state did not prioritize education, Olympia politicians continue not to prioritize education highly enough.

Parents are looking for alternatives as schools are lowing standards, getting more crowded, and reducing transparency about the curriculum taught. At the same time, districts around the state are asking for more and higher taxes to fund basic education.

The cost of college tuition is increasing, burdening young adults with many years of college loan debt that hurts their chances of reaching the same success their parents or grandparents achieved.

As your representative, I will:

  • Fight to fully fund our schoolsThe lawsuit the state lost means the state should be picking up the tab for basic education, so we’re all paying an equal and fair share. Instead, property owners in some districts are asked to cover the deficit from the lack of state funding. This must change.
  • Improve transparency and accountability. Quality education is a major determining factor of income potential. We must ensure parents know what our schools are teaching so school districts can be held accountable.
  • Push to make college more affordable. As our children leave high school to explore their possibilities, attending community or state college should not be out of reach. I will push to decrease tuition costs so higher education is accessible and affordable.
  • Advocate for trade education. We are in desperate need of more people entering all trades. As a flooring contractor, I understand how challenging it is to find employees. We need more young people entering all trades, which provide family-wage jobs.
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