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Tax Relief & Affordability

Inflation and tax increases passed by Olympia politicians have made life more challenging. As a small business owner and father to three, Kyle understands the complex budgeting decisions families and business owners face.

Despite the Washington State budget more than doubling in 10 years and a $15 billion surplus in 2022, Olympia politicians provided no tax relief to families. They also passed legislation that makes heating our homes, driving our cars, and buying homes more expensive. The actions taken in Olympia have direct, negative consequences on our community.

As your representative, I will:

  • Prioritize your budget over the state budget by not raising taxes. It’s time Olympia politicians learn how to prioritize their spending, just like we must at home.
  • Support legislation to make home ownership more affordable. As a first-generation immigrant, I understand the dream of home ownership. I will fight to ensure the government doesn’t make it more difficult.
  • Push to provide tax relief. The state budget has grown at an unsustainable rate while real personal income growth has stalled. I will fight for you to keep more of your own money.
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