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Homelessness & Mental Health

We have a homelessness crisis that is often the result of a mental health and drug addiction crisis. Seattle, King County, and Olympia politicians have been throwing money at this problem for a decade, and the problem has gotten worse.

No one is held accountable for poor performance. We must do better. We cannot continue to allow people to live in tents on the street. That is not compassion. We need to provide support for those with mental health and drug addiction to get the treatment they need, then help them achieve sustainable housing. What we’re seeing now is not compassionate. We need to show people experiencing homelessness, drug addiction, and mental health struggles real compassion by getting them the help they desperately need.

As your representative, I will:

  • Push for benchmarks and accountability for all money spent solving this problem. For too long, politicians have been throwing money at the problem without any progress. Requiring people to be accountable for the money they’re spending is necessary to get results.
  • Expand mental health resources. We must make sure we have the funding, staff, and resources in place to help the individuals suffering from mental health disorders. We should partner with nonprofits with a proven track record of results and not “re-create the wheel.”
  • Make drug treatment options available. People are in pain, and we must help them see that there is a better path for them. We must work with organizations that have a history of success in assisting people in deciding they’re ready to make a change, then work with them through the process, so they have the support to help them get off drugs.

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