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Improving Public Safety

Reforming and increasing accountability for our police should not come at the expense of public safety, but that’s what some of the reform bills passed by the legislature have done. A number of police chiefs have come forward to warn us that the reforms passed have had unintended consequences and effectively handcuffed our police.

I want to be sure all members of our community feel safe with our police without stopping the apprehension of criminals. The new laws embolden criminals to break the law, knowing no one is likely to stop them. A small number of criminals are committing most crimes, particularly property crimes. Our prosecutors must take these criminals seriously and work harder to ensure they are imprisoned rather than continually letting them go.

As your representative, I will:

  • Fight to fix the unintended consequences caused by the police reform bills. Our law enforcement must be allowed to deter, stop crime in progress, and apprehend criminals.
  • Work to increase accountability. We must stop bad officers from continually transferring departments and making all police look bad. Effective policing requires maintaining public trust. That can’t happen if we allow poor performers to tarnish the reputation of good officers.
  • Empower police to keep us safe. We must ensure our officers have the resources they need to do their job.

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